About Us

How it started

German snack-lover Fadi loves to travel, especially around Europe. Every time he visits a place, he would constantly be amazed by the variety of flavors each country has to offer. He would scour supermarkets to find the most intriguing snacks, and then do taste tests with his family.

After many delicious snack taste tests, a great idea came to mind. He thought the rest of the world needed to try these amazing snacks too!

So he decided to expand this amazing European experience outside his family and share it with the rest of the world!

Where we are now

Starting with a small team of 5, EuropeCrate was born. Together, we have sent thousands of boxes around the world, and we are so grateful to our fellow snack lovers worldwide for joining us in this European snack adventure. 

As our reach expanded, so did our family. What started with 5 has now grown to more than 50 dedicated, snack-loving employees who make sure that you indeed get Europe in a box.

EC's ultimate goal

At EuropeCrate, it is our ultimate goal to deliver a part of Europe to each of our fellow-snack lovers, wherever they may be in the world. With each snack from each European country, you not only experience the snack itself, but also the culture of the country in which it was made.

Why Choose EC


We provide a variety of snacks from different European countries all in one box.


We curate our boxes to include only authentic, high-quality, and delicious European snacks.


We ensure our boxes are delivered on time with their prime quality preserved.